Designer & Founder

Meet Busra, the heart and soul behind Anthemis, crafting bespoke and made-to-order handmade couture hair accessories and jewelry that leave an indelible mark in the industry.

Her journey began with a childhood love for beads, evolving into a passion for creativity and craftsmanship. Fueled by this passion, Busra pursued a formal education in Industrial Design and Brand Communication, further honing her innate talents and later earning a Master’s in Business Administration.

While finding initial success in the technology sector, Busra realized her true calling lay beyond technology's confines. Driven by a relentless desire to follow her dreams, she bravely ventured into the world of fashion and accessories, culminating in the establishment of Anthemis in 2021, based in Paris.

Busra's artistry shines through her unique, handmade hair accessories and jewelry, tailored to individual styles. Meticulously crafted, each piece reflects a deep understanding of the significance these adornments hold for women on special occasions. With a focus on delicacy and the subtle sparkle, Busra’s creations aim to evoke confidence and a truly special feeling for every woman.


Embroidery Expert / Mother-In-Law

Meet the mastermind behind Anthemis' exquisite wire breaking and embroidery – a true artisan in the realm of traditional handicraft. Through unparalleled artistry, she breathes life into Busra's designs, seamlessly merging Anatolian techniques with modern flair.

With patient craftsmanship, this collaborative effort transforms tradition into contemporary aesthetics, a delicate dance of cultural heritage and innovative design. Their partnership, steeped in family warmth, weaves a narrative that transcends time – a celebration of heritage flourishing in the heart of modernity and craftsmanship at Anthemis.