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    Vogue Italy

    ...I'll share a secret with you - I wear some of them even when I go for a swim. I like to call them "waterproof jewels" because they don't get damaged by water, as they are made with micro beads...


    Marie Claire

    ...Couture and precious headbands, bespoke creations, local craftsmanship, and a Parisian allure infuse the sentiments and designs of Anthémis' founder, stirring the hearts of us all...

  • HTSI, 2024


    Albe Editions

    ...Her collections unveil a certain lightness and a touch of romance that has captivated us...


    Harper's Bazaar

    ...Anthémis, a Parisian brand, employing an ancient Turkish artisanal technique to create these refined hairbands...


    Love etc.

    ...a wide range of unique accessories for exceptional moments to enhance the natural beauty of the bride is meticulously crafted in a Parisian studio...


    Madame C. Blog a mystical breath, Busra Ozcan created her jewellery and headpiece line, Anthémis, in 2021. These products are crafted for exceptional moments to enhance the natural beauty of the bride...


    Mille et Une Listes

    ...Exquisite, Chic, Lightness. These are the key elements characterizing unique and exceptional accessories designed and handmade in Paris...


    La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus

    ...i want to give women the opportunity to assert their style with a unique piece that will accompany them in their most cherished moments...


    My Luxury

    ...floral motif of Ersa earrings from Anthémis in contrasting white tones with the gold structure is a decidedly chic detail that will make you fall in love in a matter of seconds!

  • Oui Mag, N°113, 2023

    ...on short or long hair, in a chignon, braided, or simply free as the air...

  • Albe Editions, No. 3, 2023

  • Albe Editions, No.4, 2023

  • Your Day, Winter 2023, UK

  • CITIZEN K, 2024, fr