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Gaia Hair Comb

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Wire Color – Warm Gold
Petal Color – Pearly White


The Gaia Hair Comb blossoms with the artistry of epoxy flowers, their translucent petals catching the light like morning dew on new foliage. Verdant pearly leaves and warm bronze beads add a touch of Earth's palette, a harmonious blend against the hair's canvas. This hair comb is not just an accessory on hair, but a keeper of beauty, securing a touch of nature's splendor in every strand.


- Ideally positioned at the back or top of the head, this comb can be fixed with bobby pins.

- Special epoxy mixture, bronze beads, freshwater pearls, and plated jewellery wire.

- The epoxy comb weighs around 30 grams and measures around 15 cm, making it lightweight and suitable for all hair types.

- Available in pearly white colour.

Storage and Use

For your epoxy and ceramic accessories, store them in their case to protect the handmade resin petals from sun damage. It's important to keep these accessories away from heat sources such as fireplaces and lamps. If the petals are flattened, gently lift them with your finger to restore their volume. Additionally, avoid spraying hairspray directly on the accessory to prevent damage.

Regarding your metal and coated accessories, spraying perfume directly on your gold-plated jewelry is not recommended; it's better to apply perfume first to avoid chemical interactions. Ensure lotions are fully absorbed by your skin before wearing your jewelry. These pieces should be kept away from substances like oil, chlorine, and sweat to prevent tarnishing. After use, cleaning with a soft cloth is advised, and for deeper cleaning, warm soapy water can be used, steering clear of harsh jewelry cleaners. To prevent scratches, storing your pieces in a soft cloth or in a separate jewelry box is recommended.

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Shipping Information

Products are delivered in a secure gift box to prevent damage. The responsibility for tracking and managing customs falls to customers. If an address is undeliverable or the customer is absent, re-shipment costs will be incurred. Shipping times for international orders can exceed a week. Anthémis does not mark packages as gifts or lower their value for customs purposes.

We offer free domestic shipping within France, using tracking services via Colissimo or UPS, though shipment durations can vary between 2 to 5 days. International shipping rates and times vary based on the destination, customs fees, and regulations. For more detailed information, please review our Shipping and Returns page.

Return Policy

Please be aware that Anthémis is unable to process returns or exchanges as each product is made-to-order and uniquely tailored for the customer. Custom or bespoke items, as special orders, are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. However, customers will receive updates and images throughout the crafting process, which allows for feedback and ensures the final creation aligns perfectly with their preferences. For more detailed information, kindly review our Shipping & Returns page before placing an order. Should there be any issues with damage, please contact for assistance.

Gaia Hair Comb
Gaia Hair Comb